Sorry, no refunds or transfers
We do not mail merchandise, please consider that before ordering it.

Entry fees & merchandise are non refundable. Transfers are not allowed unless you give us 4 weeks notice. When given 4 weeks advance notice that you cannot attend the event, you have up to 1 year to use your transfer for a similar priced distance event (or pay the difference in entry fee).

Race Policies & Frequently Asked Questions
Please understand that it is a risk to pre-register for a race. You may get injured, change your mind, or decide to attend a wedding instead.  We do not give refunds or transfer your entry to another runner.  It takes too much time for us to process these types of transactions.  Putting on a race is expensive and time consuming.  Most of the costs for a race (permit fees, advertising, insurance, preparation costs, food costs, and more) occur well before the event even happens.

Special Treatment
Please don't ask for special treatment. We treat all athletes equally. We would like to continue to offer runners who inform us within 4 weeks of an event that they will not be able to attend a "transfer option," however we will be unable to do so if our policies are not respected.

I cannot run a race I've registered for, what are my options?
If you cannot run an event you registered for you can transfer your race entry over to the next calendar year or to a Bellingham Trail Series Race or the next year's BTM of the same distance or pay the difference in entry fee, if there is one, provided you give us at least 4 weeks notice prior to the event you cannot run. Your transfer is good for 1 year and just one race transfer.

How to Transfer to Another Event: 
  • Email us at least 4 weeks before the event you cannot attend. Email: Kristal@destinationtrailrun.com
  • Keep in mind a transfer to another race is only good to use once, so if you decide not to do a race you transferred into then you will forfeit your transfer entry
  • We cannot add you to an event of your choice until that event opens its registration. 
  • You may email the race director for a one-time coupon code once your race of choice opens registration. 
I didn't inform you soon enough, any other way to get a discounted or free entry?
If you would like to earn free/discounted entry into a BTRS race or next year's BTM you may contact us ahead of time about volunteering or bringing a volunteer to a race.  Because we have limited volunteer positions, you will need to set up the volunteering with us ahead of time to get free entry.  Email our volunteer coordinator for more information at Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com

  • Runners must follow the marked course to get a finish.  
  • You must finish to get a finisher's medal.
  • You are responsible for knowing the course. We recommend studying the race maps beforehand.  It is even a good idea to print them out and carry them with you in case you get to a confusing intersection or in the case that someone tampers with the course markings.  We mark the course very well with ribbons and arrow signs, but on occasion these signs have been vandalized. 
  • No ties allowed.  If you come in together with another runner the timing table will determine who finished first to the best of their ability.
  • You must pick up your race shirt/merchandise on race day. We do not mail shirts. 
  • If you drop out of the race en route, you must let a race official know, preferably at the start/finish. We track all runners through all aid stations and the start/finish, so if you don't show up, we'll send a rescue party out for you. 
  • Dogs are allowed as long as their owners are well behaved and on a leash.
  • Crew is allowed at designated aid stations only.  See Crew Info. Your crew can get you disqualified if they do not follow the rules. By no means do you need crew to run this race, but some people's friends/family like to help out.
  • No pacers allowed
Thank you, and we hope to see you on the trails soon!